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Advent calender tins, in fun contemary designs, numbered 1 to 25.

Four of the tins will come to you with a scented candles in - one candle per week for the 4 weeks running up to christmas. 

You can choose to have more than 4 candles if you wish.

The remaining tins will be empty for you to fill with your own choice of goodies; small toys (lego etc) or sweets or chocolates. See product images for examples.

If you want us to fill all your empty tins with sweets we can do this for you. See product images for examples. Smarties / chocolate coins / jelly babies etc.. we will add something different everyday...

The tins can be re-used year after year.


made from: 100% natural soy wax candles

dimensions: Each tin is 4.5cm height / 6cm diameter


Free delivery on all UK orders... whats not to love?



Advent Calender with candles

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